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Working with children and their families requires a comprehensive understanding of the child’s school situation, family dynamics, and other influences in the child’s life.  At times the child’s difficulties are best targeted by teaching parents effective parenting skills, or techniques for negotiating with school systems.  Other times a school observation becomes useful in exploring ways to better meet the child’s educational needs.  Due to the uniqueness of the child’s world, approaches to change usually include working with both the parents and the child.

Parents will learn to:

  • Coach their child in healthy techniques for dealing with their difficulties,
  • Understand the life cycle of a family,
  • Recognize the various (developmentally typical) perspectives of each member,
  • Provide a nurturing haven in which children can prosper,
  • Maintain a loving healthy marriage while raising children,
  • Balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the family,
  • Assess and coordinate the dynamics of their home and school life to ensure both worlds support their child’s healthy development.

Children will learn:

  • Specific tools for managing the worry, sadness, anger, or other symptoms they are struggling with,
  • Ways to express themselves that will help their parents and families hear them,
  • A greater understanding of the choices they have and ways to be more effective when making them.


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