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Adults typically come to therapy because they are feeling dissatisfied or worried, or have some crisis that overwhelms them.  While relief from the symptoms of depression, anxiety or a life crisis is paramount, helping you understand the broader context of your difficulties is what helps change become more permanent. 

In addition to symptom relief, my work with individuals includes learning to:

  • Understand how patterns are formed (both in behavior and thinking) and how thoughts, feelings and experiences are connected,
  • Become aware of the distortions you carry about your own self worth and ways to correct them,
  • Understand the demands of long worn habits and how to develop effective ways of managing them,
  • Balance the needs of mind, body and spirit,
  • Nurture the ongoing development of self,
  • Understand the effects of genetically passed on traits and how to manage them,
  • Explore unhealed wounds from earlier life.


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