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Teens are caught between the playful world of childhood and the adult world of responsibility, and many do not make the transition easily.  Working with teens requires assessing not only them, but their family and their world (school, work, activities).  Once a clear picture of the teen’s challenges is developed, my job is to balance the changes desired by the parents with the needs of the teen.

In my work with teens we focus on:

  • Mastering strategies for dealing with anxiety, depression, or the crisis which brought them into counseling,
  • Learning to find their voice and express themselves in a way their parents and families can hear,
  • Developing ways to cope with the inner turmoil of awakening new emotions and issues,
  • Mastering skills for navigating the ruthless jungle of adolescence,
  • Understanding the balance between the impending freedom of young adulthood and the continuous need for guidance from parents and teachers,
  • Exploring the nuances of their inner hopes and dreams and creating an effective pathway to pursue them.



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